Brandon Ramos

Brandon displays an excellent work ethic. He comes to class ready to work and gives his best in his schoolwork. Brandon goes above and beyond, after finishing his work, he asks to help his classmates. He is a true team player.

- Brandon Ramos - 4th Grade

Sanora Gunter

Sanora is a responsible and dependable student. She is known for being a sweet and kind-hearted person. Overall, she is a model student. Sanora is eager to help others and contributes to a positive learning environment.

- Sanora Gunter - 6th Grade

Isabella Hubert

Isabella embodies the essence of seahawk standards. She is kind, respectful, responsible, motivated, and outgoing. She has numerous accolades with the newest one being a finalist for National competition for Business Professionals of America.

- Isabella Hubert- 12th Grade

Why Us

Our Mission

Deliver quality academic and worldly experiences that will inspire a lifelong learner who is equipped to solve problems, think logically, independently, critically, and communicate effectively; one who understands our social, economic, and moral responsibilities to the future.

Competitive Extra Curricular Activities

Students have numerous opportunities to get involved and stay involved! Students can get involved in clubs, organizations, and the school to give back with volunteer hours. These hours will start accumulating freshman year. There are many opportunities to give back locally. High school is different from junior high. Study habits, extracurricular activities, and social activities will change. Ultimately, students will learn how to adapt and grow with life changes. Luckily, students will be supported by teachers, advisors, and the Seahawk family at Riviera ISD.

Pre-K3 to Early College High School

By design, Kaufer Early College High School provides our Seahawks the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school. Instilled beginning in Pre-K for a seamless transition from high school to college.

TEA Accountability Rating

Riviera ISD maintains the “A” school rating for 2021-2022. Way to go, Seahawks!